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Good value

We had to stay an extra night in Haldighati. I searched online for a nearby hotel and found this one. We were very satisfied with the 2 double bed room which was clean with chilled A/C. The hotel staff were very helpful and friendly.

Shreya Patel - Surat, Gujarat

Excellent overall weekend stay

My wife and I traveled to Haldighati for a Rajasthan and stayed at the Haldighati. We really enjoyed our stay and would recommend this hotel & Restaurant to anyone that needed to stay in the Rajsamand district.

Ketan Mistry - Malad, Mumbai

Friendly and Clean Hotel

This is a wonderful hotel to stay at when you are wanting to be close to Haldighati. The staff at front desk is very kind and will to help with special accommodations.

Mary Ann - Goa

Favorite hotel in Haldighati

High quality bed and bedding, great food, classy bar, simple breakfast is more than I need (hate over-eating while I travel), and the staff is incredibly friendly. Near great stuff of rose product manufacturing and has quick access to any of the highways.

Pramod Mahale - Nashik, Maharashtra

My favorite!

I have stayed in a number of other high end hotels near Haldighati, but I return (for more than 4 years) to the Haldighati time and again. This simplistic hotel can not match the amenities of a large chain, but the quiet comfort and elegant size is like a fine mansion.

Prerna Dave - Bhopal, Madhyapradesh

Awesome Experience

We have celebrated our new year eve and stay over here With Friends and Family, We were total 3 Couples with Kids, Nice Gesture, great Hospitality, Food is very Testy and Hygienic, Over all Nice One.!

Abhinav Salunkhe - Gurgaon, Haryana